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The Lakehouse

 ‘Sometimes its hard to say stuff but I learnt you can say it with art… sometimes it’s the only way you can say it’ (participant).

The Lakehouse was a creative project on Auckland’s North Shore for 13-16 year olds who were having a tough time. It offered a positive and inspiring space to get creative alongside other young people and build the self-awareness, strengths, beliefs and connections that they needed to cope and lead changes they wanted to see in their lives.  The project used creative, evidence-based approaches designed WITH young people and facilitated by an experienced approachable team with expertise spanning the arts, art therapy, youth development and mental health.

The Lakehouse supported the work of other providers (schools, social care, health, youth and justice). It was especially good at helping young people to reflect on their life, and build new skills and pathways to tell us how we can best support them to thrive.

The Lakehouse is a partnership with Changing Minds, The Lake House Arts, Oranga Tamariki, WDHB, Ministry of Youth Development, Youth Justice, and Care and Protection.

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