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We believe in Rangatahi. Our youth are the heart and soul of Creative Collaborative. And we love and care for them unconditionally. The voice of rangatahi should be front and centre, the Rangatahi Tuakana role was created to ensure that we hear our youth.


Our rangatahi tuakana is one of our youth who has developed considerably through our Breathing Space programme. Like many of our youth, he came to us after no other intervention had worked. 

He has a lot to teach us; his life story, although difficult to listen to, is one that we should all hear. He was one of the most serious and prolific young offenders in Tamaki Makaurau and was constantly in out of court and youth justice residences. Now, through the work he has done over the past five years, he is no longer offending, and has come forward to support the wider work of Creative Collaborative in the role of Rangatahi Tuakana.


Our Rangatahi Tuakana helps us to get it right. We believe that if we can get creative wellbeing right for the young people who need us the most, then we can get it right for all youth. He is our truth, keeping our work connected to the reality of our rangatahi. He is not afraid to drag us deeply into the ‘need’ space. He advises, grounds, and guides us, helping us to navigate every aspect of our work.

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