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Youth voice and youth-led change

‘I learned your voice is really strong and powerful and its important you use it for good’ (Humans of Hendo participant)

‘Creative Collaborative are a new and fresh team of honest, passionate, highly skilled and hardworking women, who fortunately for our youth, have not only the intention, but also the integrity to enhance the lives of children who so urgently need these opportunities. From my experience having worked alongside this team, I would highly recommend this programme as a tool to develop positivity and health through creative expression’. (Manuela Adams, Target Alternative Education Centre, West Auckland)

We love seeing young people powered up! The arts are a brilliant tool to grow young people’s self-belief, communication skills and leadership potential. We’ve worked alongside amazing youth to research and generate change they want to see in their schools, alternative education, health services and communities. For examples see Te Moana o te Aroha, Humans of Hendo, Lights and Links in Projects, and If I?, Bloom Room and Ambers PhD in Research and Practice Development. Get in touch if you want us to come work with you.

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