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Art Therapy / Photography 
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'There are amazing things which happen in that room. The difference in the kids is astounding. It's clearly good for them I have seen that day by day it helps them to feel in control of their life a little bit more' volunteer on project

'Art Therapy could be viewed as therapy by stealth...counselling or psychotherapy was recommended for Georgia but she refused to go. However with art therapy she didn't have to talk or even meet the therapists eyes she could keep her bravado and just be doing art so not overtly be in therapy until she was ready.' Social Worker

Having Asha on our team as a qualified art therapist and photographer is really helpful so that we can seamlessly weave therapeutic approaches into our work. Art therapy can help many people in a variety of situations. Many people we work with feel socially excluded and have difficulties in their lives that are increasingly hard to live with and different art therapy approaches can help with this. Photography and technology is an approach that we readily use within our work. It is particularly helpful when working with young people as it speaks a language that is easy to understand.

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