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Training events and resources

‘That is one powerful resource. When we shared it at the conference there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I know I’m a good teacher but I felt slightly ashamed of myself for forgetting what these kids go through before they even walk in my classroom. It’s easy to forget the pain behind the bad behaviour when you have 31 kids to think of. I won’t forget again. And I will definitely take on board the top tips the kids have given me. Thanks. Really, thanks.’ (Teacher commenting on If I? schools training resource produced by care experienced youth)

'This  experience has enhanced my own art practice. More so than my college experience and it has also significantly boosted my confidence in wanting to do my art therapy masters. It has also allowed me to fall back in love with the arts after feeling quite negative about it from within my fine arts degree' Annie project trainee / mentor

We’ve designed and facilitated mentoring, conferences, training events and retreats, and produced learning toolkits and resources. Sometimes this has been about sharing arts skills with youth, arts, education or health practitioners. Other times it has been about using the arts as a tool to explore and communicate ideas. For examples see If I?, Envision, Bloom Room and Creative and INCredible Aotearoa in Research and Practice Development and

I Made That From Scratch in Projects

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