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Asha Munn

Asha dreams of a nationwide program for youth with creative wellbeing at the core, designed and informed by the very best evidence based research. And fuelled by the very finest aligned creatives and artists in the sector.

Asha is a graduate of Elam School of Fine Art, an internationally exhibited artist, and photographer. From Northland (NZ born) Asha's career as an artist and in socially engaged art has spanned the last 23 years. She is also an art psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience designing and leading award-winning art interventions for youth. Asha has worked both in NZ and internationally in the area of creative wellbeing with young people who have had deeply traumatic experiences. 

Asha is preoccupied with the possibility of meaningful arts connections that can happen in previously unconsidered places. She is passionate about collaborative work and the value of art in systemic change-making. Her training and experience mean that she can work with many people who may experience a variety of needs.

She is a published book designer and author. Because of international qualification in art psychotherapy; Asha was the first and only art therapist to be accepted into the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service at Waitemata DHB. Asha is situated deeply in community work and is passionate about Trauma Informed Creative Wellbeing. She believes that Aotearoa youth deserve the best evidence-informed interventions that they will also actually engage in. She uses her role to constantly advocate for youth to access to creative wellbeing. 

 Asha is a co-founder of Creative Collaborative and she also has her own affiliated artist/art therapy website My Artistic Voice

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